Lakeside Foods annually donates more than 100,000 pounds of in-kind canned and frozen vegetables and canned beans to shelters and food banks across the U.S. This includes both saleable goods and finished products that don’t meet our stringent quality standards but are still safe for human consumption, like slightly dented containers. These products are donated to community food banks, disaster relief food drives, and community events to support fraternal clubs and veteran organizations.

We’re proud to work with Feeding America, the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America, Second Harvest Food Bank, Channel One Regional Food Bank, and local food pantries in communities where we have manufacturing facilities. We’ve also shipped canned food to areas affected by natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and 2018 tornadoes in Iowa and Minnesota.

Lakeside is a strong supporter of United Way across the communities where we operate, and we are the top campaign contributor to United Way of Manitowoc County.