Quality & Food Safety

Safe, quality food is Lakeside’s first promise to customers. It’s in our history, it’s in our grower standards – it’s in our products. We know it takes the highest quality produce to set your business apart, so we’re committed to delivering on that promise. While competitors source products on the open market and re-package them under their brand, we control the entire growing process, resulting in full traceability of our products. From our early days testing seed varieties in the 1800s (something we practice to this day) to our partnership with the University of Wisconsin, we’ve never left producing quality vegetables to chance.

It all comes down to the relationships we have with our growers. Working together with farmers means we know which seeds are going where, how they will be grown, and even the day and time they’ll be harvested. This transparency translates to only the highest-quality produce. We stake our reputation on it, because we know your reputation depends on it.

High-quality vegetables need to be handled properly in order to retain the farm-fresh taste we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our systems have been certified to the SQF Quality Code and the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, proving we leave nothing to chance and our production facilities are located near crops, so that the maximum freshness is retained. We continually invest in sophisticated electronic product sorters to further guarantee food safety and quality.

Lakeside Foods supports a safer food industry overall. That’s why we actively participate in the advancement of food safety legislation, taking a major role in the Food Safety Modernization Act.