Customer Service

At Lakeside, we’re fully committed to becoming a strategic partner of your business. We’re deeply rooted in your brand, and that means providing customer service that exceeds expectations. With a case fill rate of over 99 percent and over 99 percent on-time delivery rates, you’ll find our dedication hard to beat.

Our Electronic Data Interchange makes it easy to place orders, review activity, and pay invoices. We’re happy to arrange Continuous Replenishment programs if that best suits your business’s needs. Whether you take your business digital or not, you’ll find your personal Lakeside Representative will go above and beyond in creating innovative solutions for your brand.

Our Promise to Customers

  • All customers will receive no less than the quality they require, and it will be produced in a clean environment with sanitary equipment.
  • We will make promises to our customers on service, and we will keep them.
  • We will never knowingly mislead a customer regardless of the consequences.
  • Service and quality failures will be investigated case by case by all involved employees from the warehouse crew to the company president.
  • Every Lakeside employee will understand that our quality and service promise is a primary element of his or her job and will be accountable for helping us to meet it with every customer, on every order, every day.

For more information, please contact us.